Saturday, July 15, 2006

Week One Pictures

Since Week One is almost over, I thought it was time for some pictures to give you a feel for where I am...
St. Catherine's - my room is in the center tower

Cool shot of St. Magdalene College

My bedroom

So far, I've had a fun weekend - last night, I went with a few other GMU students to see Much Ado About Nothing in the courtyard of King's College. It was a beautiful night, so it was a lot of fun. Then we stopped at a pub afterwards. Today's been relaxing - sleeping in, wondering about the city a bit (which is crazy with all the tourists), taking a jog along the River Cam. I'm headed out in a few minutes to help one of the GMU girls celebrate her birthday! Should be fun...

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sarah said...

It seems like you're having a great time and enjoying your weekend doing all kinds of fun stuff. I've been enjoying your updates ... just wanted to say thanks for taking time to do the updates and post pics! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!