Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cambridge at Last!

St. Catherine's College

Well, after many long queues at Dulles and Heathrow and a flight delay of several hours, my friend Heidi and I finally arrived at Cambridge today via bus around 1 p.m. From what I've seen so far, the town is beautiful - quaint, old buildings everywhere, a river running right through town, a charming college atmosphere. The weather's wonderful - breezy and 70's!

I'm staying at St. Catherine's (a division of Cambridge - not sure yet how all of that works). It's gorgeous on the outside, but less than luxurious inside. My room's spacious though, and the food we were served tonight for dinner was fantastic.

I'm actually not too tired, though I only slept for a few hours on the plane last night. But I'm off to watch the second half of the World Cup finals. Classes start tomorrow morning. I'll try to write more soon...and attach some pictures!

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Cortney said...

Hey Abby!

Nice blog - the shot of Cambridge is lovely. I feel like I'm having a little adventure through you. When we're 80 and incontinent we can reminisce about those wild days in London-town.

You are probably fast asleep by now, but I'm praying that your first class is, as they say, brilliant! Go be brilliant, yourself. Show 'em what kind of English Lit grads we grow in America...